Modifications Overview

10:00, ready to go to the Land Rover dealer to finally pick-up OLLI, the new Defender.Arrived exactly on agreed time,
08:00 Early start to continue the needed modifications Installed today: Extra fuel tank. Not a very easy task, but we
Today was the heavy load day. installing the toptent Thanks to all the neighbours who helped lifting the tent and
All tired from past days, we did a bit easy today. Some cleaning, extra sealing for the bolds, recovering the
Back to work, so less time to work on Olli. Time to remake the door seals. It rained all day
Today is TC-Day... Technical Checkup or MOT to get Olli legal on the road And yes, Olli passed the test.
Did some more hours work... Most parts are getting fitted. Garage is still a mess. We'll do some clean-up tomorrow.
Over the last day's not much has changed Due to waiting for parts, thinking over how to do and change
Measurements are taken... We went to Peter from verreweg ( so he can take the measurements he need to make
In need for an extra space to fit the extra electrics, an box needed to be made As the box
Yesterday and today we modified the way the cubbybox is attached to the "techroom" I've found some "box lockers" and
A free day due to Belgian National Day. So what better to do but working on Olli A free day
Cooler temperatures and some hours without rain. Ideal to install the isolation. Cooler temperatures and some hours without rain. Ideal
Went this afternoon to Peter from Verreweg to collect the interiour storage cabinets Went this afternoon to Peter from Verreweg to collect the interiour
No more rain. Time to install the light-bar and the lights After a long search I finally found a light
Wiring done... Let there be LIGHT... Day-off today, relax start on the wiring. Started to get the power from the
Last 3 days was working on the cabinets from Some days off, time to work on installing the cabinets.
Sunday, neighbors are gone... we can make noise.... Ideal to continue on the interior and making sure al drilling in
Sleeping and sliding is now possible... Earlier this week we picked up our custom made mattress made by Camper-Diem. It
Well.... That's what I call them when using that red light at night 🙂 An evening work to hide the
Today we've taken the time to install the raised air-intake and make the exterior table to attach on the cargo-rails.
Sunday, so we can't make loud noise... So not being able to saw wooden plates we decided to start on
Productive afternoon today.... Early finish with work today, so an early start to continue on Olli. The Mantec G4 skid-plate
Last works to do before the first test Fitting the new water-tank, water-pump and work on table 3.0 Fitting and
Keep out the light and isolate Probably (and hopefully) the last add-on before the maiden trip. With the cut out
Some last (not final) additions before we're of to the Alps The electrics are not final, as by next year
After the first long trip it was clear some of the switches needed to change Now the waterpump and interiour
As we want to use Olli all year for camping, some internal extra heating is needed For this we have
Klaar maken voor de winter Kleine extra om de winter aangenamer te maken en te zorgen dat de verwarming droge
Met de winter voor de deur dachten we ook aan verwarmde spiegels... With winter in front of us we were
For future plans we need to re-enforce the bonnet. Voor onze toekamst plannen is het nodig om de motorkap te
Still suffering from a shacking defender, and a dealer who is unable to find the root cause we decided to
I ordered the first rims with a wrong part number. It should have been full blacks. After a year, time
20160404 114834
Finaly some time to install the goodies that arrived earlier from Nakatanenga. Eindelijk tijd om de extra's te installeren die
Can't have enough storage / Je kan nooit genoeg opslagruimte hebben As you never can't have enough storage, we orderd
Een paar nodige aanpassingen voor ons vertrek naar Portugal A few needed adjustments before we head to Portugal Daar we
What to do with some spare time Wat te doen met wat vrije tijd   During last trips we noticed
Gisteren bijna 2u een aangenaam gesprek gehad met Klaas van Eberco, over de keuze van inverter, lader, zonnepaneel ed. Yesterday
Eindelijk kwamen tijd en onderdelen samen om er aan te beginnen. Finally time and parts came together to start the
After a new experience a new solution was needed While it rained, we wanted to make some coffee inside. For
Where does the maximum storage ends, and can it be expanded? We wrote it somewhere before, the building of Olli