Eberspacher Airtronic D4

As we want to use Olli all year for camping, some internal extra heating is needed

For this we have chosen an Eberspacher Airtronic D4

As this we wanted to be installed properly we chose for the expertise of LMF to install the heating device.

We didn’t want to loose extra storage space inside, so the D4 is placed outside.

Cold air is taken from inside, so the heater doesn’t have to heat too cold air in the winter.

Due to the extra fuel tank, is was impossible to use the regular fuel tube that goes via the filling tube to the primary fuel tank.

The only proper way now was to tap from the overflow tube. Only downside is that the primary fuel tank has to be more than 1/4th filled in order to get fuel for the heater.

Only thing left for me to do is find a suitable place to hang the controller and pressure sensor.

The pressure sensor is needed if you want proper operation above 1500m

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