Day five – Wet

Back to work, so less time to work on Olli.

Time to remake the door seals.

It rained all day so the interior got a bit wet. Nothing bad.

Adjusting L-profiles so the seals can be put back where they should be, and the doors can really close.

One done… And it started to rain again.

We left all as it was, tent open, but other door taped.

As the rain came down harder, I went to check the tape…

Then I saw the water coming thru all the front bolts… We forgot to seal them!

Some others on the back were also leaking.

Since the rain kept falling, all we could do was to try find a place out of the rain.

Luckily our neighbor farmer had some spare place in his large shed.

Olli is drying out there now.

It was actually a good thing this happened now, and not while we were on holiday 🙂

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