Day one – The arrival and start of modification

10:00, ready to go to the Land Rover dealer to finally pick-up OLLI, the new Defender.
Arrived exactly on agreed time, did the paper works and received the key of OLLI.
At around 14:00 we arrived with the new family member at home.

After a quick bite, time to make some space in the garage and start to dress-up OLLI.
Thanks to the help of our neighbour, eager to help, we solved some show stoppers today.

Done on day one:

    • Mantec sparewheel carrierĀ 

3 washers were missing to fit the new wheel. Made 3 new bronze space washers of 8mm to fix it.

    • New wheels
    • Winchbumper
      Cheap is not always better… proven again with the bumper. The supports that have to be fitted at the side of the chassis end are about 2 cm to much inwards, making it impossible to tighten them. Again some bronze selfmade spacers and selfmade extra long bolts did the trick.
      For now, as we can’t install the steering bar protector anymore.
      A selfmade support will be made for this one later.
    • Winch (not connected yet)
    • Diff guard

Tomorrow -> extra fuel tank and some drilling if time left

Since pictures say more than words….

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