Day two – mod’s continued

08:00 Early start to continue the needed modifications

Installed today:

    • Extra fuel tank.

Not a very easy task, but we did it half hour less than indicated on the instructions manual. Good work 🙂

    • Installing the dual battery setup.

A new main ground cable had to be made and fitted. The battery box is very full and no space for errors.

An isolation plate above the battery’s will be needed to be safe.

    • Connected the ground for the winch. Allbright switch and positive cable will be for tomorrow.
    • Installed one checkerplate on the right wing. Left part will be a hassle again thank’s to sh!tpart, euh sorry britpart. They didn’t foreseen the space for the radio antenna 🙁

Tomorrow D-day, or better yet, T-Day. Installation of the tent…

Again, pictures say more than words.

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