Eifel 2019

Finally, after six months we’re out again for a weekend with Olli.

After seeing some pictures about the longest hanging bridge of Europe we decided we must cross it one day. And so we did, combined with a weekend out with Olli.
Via TomTom we choose an exciting route and were on our way via scenic roads towards the Eifel.

On our way we passed a sign that pointed to a volcano. The Eifel region is full of inactive volcanoes. We made a quick stop to walk around and in a volcano.

To cross the bridge you have to go to Mörsdorf first. From there you can take a hike trail or a short easy walk to the Geierlay bridge.
If you take the hike trail you also walk under the bridge.

On our way back home we visited the little town of Cochem. Nice little town, worth a stop, but not a detour.

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Some random photo's:

Total distance: 571.63 km
Max elevation: 688 m
Min elevation: 22 m
Total climbing: 11696 m
Total descent: -11704 m
Average speed: 47.84 km/h
Total time: 03:30:45
Download file: Eifel_2019_05.gpx