Malta 2018-2019

While preparing our yearly x-mas – new year trip, our eye dropped on Malta.

Malta is the fourth Mediterranean island we visited. It’s slightly too far to go with Olli, and certainly when we only had one week.

The first thing we noticed about the island are the many, many buildings. Since it’s independence in 1964 a building boom was started, and it still is on-going.
You can’t turn your head or you will see a building crane.

The island is very small so you drive from city to city in minutes, making it actually a big city island in the sea.

There is no river, no forest, every field is surrounded by a stone wall, making the views not what we are used to when going on a trip.

When driving along the coast line you get so see the beauty of the island, and is’t not ugly, but in no means comparable with Corsica (Is there a European island comparable with it? 😉 )

We’re glad we’ve seen it, we’re glad it was only for a week. Will we ever go back?
Despite the great time we had it’s unlikely, it’s not a place where we can find our peace.

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