Vosges – Elzas 2017

After our short trip to the Vosges in fall, we now went in spring

After searching for some walking tracks on the net, possible camp spots marked on the gps, we left Wednesday evening direction Sapois for a first walk.

As expected we didn’t made it to ride the 400km that night and decided to find a camp spot in the Adrennes.

We found one pretty easy, and after a good night we were ready to go again. We took time for a lunch break and arrived in Sapois in the afternoon.

To our suprise it was very quiet and calm. A huge contrast with our visit to Gerardmer last time. Not that we mind.

After a relaxed walk with some nice climbs, it became time to find a spot to camp. The marked places turned out to be a no-go. After some driving around we found a space in the forest. Very quiet and all to ourselves, but no more sun.

The Apero tasted well, and our self-prepared meal was more than welcome. Tired but happy we hit the sack.

Next morning, again no sun, but a blue sky. We packed our things, and decided to ride to an open space to enjoy breakfast in the sun.

We’ve planned an other walk, this time a bit further than the other at Le Haut du Tôt. A small walk, but again some good climbs and decends.
Here again a surprising silence. You almost were afraid to speak at a normal tone.

By the evening we would visit Strasbourg, but first enjoying the good weather and great view on “teletubie-mountain”

Relaxed and grabbed some tan we rode via the secundairy roads to Strasbourg. We head for La petite France, and to our surprise we find directly a parking spot. Mission one accomplished. Mission two, finding a restaurant. France and restaurants, that’s only as of 19hr. It was already 19hr30 so we thought to find an open restaurant a bit quicker than last time. And we did, all open, but all full. At the end we did find restaurant with space for to and had a good lunch.

After lunch we continiued to discover this part of the city and enjoyed the very friendly and relaxed atmosphere at the riverside and in the park. People gather around for a drink, a BBQ, some games,… A very nice site to see.

Night began to fall, so time to find a campspot. I feared this was not going to be easy due to the more dense build area.
Luckaly I spotted soon some small roads on the garmin heading between trees to open fields. A bit later Olli’s tent was open and we in the sleepingbag.

Next morning it was time to head home. Sunday we had a job to do at the local fair in the village. Tapping pints.

Again the Vosges and Alacse was a pleasant surprise, and we will be back for sure for short-trips.

Total distance: 35.42 km
Max elevation: 855 m
Min elevation: 390 m
Total climbing: 1337 m
Total descent: -1061 m
Average speed: 20.88 km/h
Total time: 03:12:48
Download file: 2017_05_Vogezen.gpx

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