Maiden trip – Champagne Region

Finally after 2 months of work Olli is ready to take her on a trip.

We decided to go for a weekend to the Champagne region and visit friends we haven’t seen for too long.

Aim was not to test the off-road capabilities, that we we know she’s good at, but to test our camping gear and relax.

Soon we found out there was something wrong with our 10 year old Waeco fridge. Way to often it started running,
resulting in an error due to low battery. Nothing we can do on the spot but to start the engine a couple of times.

The rest of the test was a success. Some items that are better stored in a different way/order,
but other than that all was as expected and hoped.

Finding a better way for opening the tent is still on the list. It’s still not 100% ideal.

An other test was to know if the seating position is good for long trips.

We drove 350km and got no problems or discomfort.
No need to make adjustments there.

All in all we had a great relax weekend, and very happy with our set-up.

Next trip: The Alps.

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