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Olli’s Predecessors

Olli Wasn’t our first 4×4 we used for traveling and fun.



Before Olli some others came, and had another purpose than what we do now with our 4×4

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It all started with a Suzuki Vitara, a second-hand 1.6 JLX, shortly replaced by a 1.9TDi.

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As I broke it during a Land Rover meeting at Sclayn, the Vitara was replaced by a Land Rover. A Series III 88. This was during several years my wife her daily driver.

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While we still had the Series, it was joined by a Mitsubishi L200. At the time, for us, the best looking Pick-up available.

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The series got sold to a friend, she took the L200 as a daily and a new Defender 110 Td5 was ordered as a daily for me. This one was also used for our weekend off-road fun trip. Mud digging was al we liked back then. Until we did our first real off-road holiday with it.


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Since we didn’t want to wreck the 110 just by playing in the mud we found at a fair price a Range Rover Classic V8 to ride roadbooks and 4×4 events.

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As the problems rose with the L200, which also was used for playing in the mud, we found a second-hand Defender 90 Td5 as her daily driver.


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2005 – Dizzy the LR Discovery 3

Beaten due to playing in the mud, and the kids getting larger, it was time for a new travel companion who gave more comfort to the kids in the back.

The D3, baptized by some as the ice-cream car, envied by a few chickens, but appreciated by most, was chosen.

No more mud-playing with this one. Traveling, that’s what we wanted to use it for.

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We didn’t play long with the Range Rover. As it was a big change in riding a V8 vs a diesel in the mud, I broke a lot on it. Last thing we broke was the front diff, that ripped the axle open. The Range got sold, and after some time without a toy 4×4 we bought a Bombardier Iltis. It remined me of my army time and it gave me a lot of fun. But working on it wasn’t that easy as it was on the land rovers, and since I had to fix all on the pave-way I decided to sell it after it stood there with a broken axle for a couple of months.


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Some years without a 4×4 toy past again and I wanted to play in the mud again. This time I went for a 4×4 buggy. Chinese made as there were many at the time. Although it was fun, the off-road atmosphere in Belgium changed a lot. Rare off-road events, even more rare places to legally drive off-road, and honestly, having less fun in the mud I’ve sold the buggy, and traded it for a motorcycle, which I still have and enjoy these days.


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By now it was time to let go of the D3. Using it only as a daily driver with only 30km/day was a bit expensive. The misses wanted a Defender 90 again, and she found one, but only when it stood on the drive-way we got the idea to travel again as we used to with our Landy. We heard it was the last year one could order a new defender, so the decision was made fast, and a defender 110 was ordered. Now known as Olli…


The Def 90 that triggerd our off-road travelling again: