A walk near Zweifall

Out for a walk and camp in nature during the weekend.

At only 1.5hr drive from home we are in nordrhein-westfälischen, Germany. As we’ve never been there it was time to explore it. In search for a walk and sleepover we found some near Zweifall. A small village at the edge of Laubwald.

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We found a trail called biberroute. Biber is German for beaver, and it’s the name worthy. On the second half of the trail we found one beaver lodge after the other. No beavers unfortunately, but plenty of other wildlife to spot in the woods.

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All tracks in the forest are forbidden for any motorized vehicle, this was a bummer for us to find a sleeping place, but the big advantage was that the only sounds you hear are those of nature.

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In the neighborhood, at the village Schevehütte, there is a dam, used to create drinking water for Achen and surroundings.

We headed over there to see if we could find a sleeping place. Near the dam there’s a large parking space, surrounded by trees. Ideal. Next: Finding something to eat instead to cook ourselves. We found a nice hotel/restaurant in the center of Schevenhütte. Food was very good, and plenty.

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In the morning, after breakfast in Olli, we made a small walk to the dam, and to finish the weekend we took the shortest route home, avoiding highways.
We’re glad we found the nearby place, and will be back.

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Total distance: 9.73 km
Max elevation: 453 m
Min elevation: 317 m
Total climbing: 535 m
Total descent: -537 m
Average speed: 3.71 km/h
Total time: 03:19:45
Download file: biberroute_500.gpx